Reissue Review: Gene Ammons – “Boss Tenor” (Prestige)


The following is an excerpt from a recent article I wrote for All About Jazz:

Tenor saxophonist Gene Ammons‘ tone can be best described using the qualities of an ideally brewed cup of joe: rounded, bold, smooth, and exhilarating after first taste. Continue reading “Reissue Review: Gene Ammons – “Boss Tenor” (Prestige)”


Classic Review: Tony Williams – “Life Time” (Blue Note)


The following is an excerpt from a recent article I wrote for All About Jazz:

By now, it’s an irrefutable fact that drummer Tony Williams was the youngest preeminent figure within the avant-garde movement of the mid-’60s. Every jazz fan seems to know the events that led to his international fame: after intriguing trumpeter Miles Davis with his cutting-edge approach to drumming, he was hired and added to the groundbreaking “Second Great Quintet” at the ripe age of 17. During this significant stint, Williams altered the trajectory of Davis’ music, solidified himself as a drum wunderkind, and broadened his skill set to successfully branch out from jazz into rock-oriented genres such as fusion. Continue reading “Classic Review: Tony Williams – “Life Time” (Blue Note)”

Reissue Roundup: Music Matters Jazz

In terms of music, no genre is as unique to America as jazz. That said, few record labels are as synonymous with jazz as Blue Note Records. The famed label was the brainchild of two German immigrants, Alfred Lion and photographer Francis Wolff, whose efforts greatly influenced and forever fossilized the linear progression of jazz. Throughout its 75-plus year history, Blue Note managed to record some of the leading musicians in traditional jazz, bebop, hard bop, post-bop, the avant-garde, funk jazz, and beyond. Continue reading “Reissue Roundup: Music Matters Jazz”